Monday, July 16, 2012

Desani's Mostly Concerning Kama Essay

As written about in the previous post Mostly Concerning Kama and Her Immortal Lord (.pdf) has been made available in its entirety by Todd Katz at  As Desani writes, this is "An essay, in five parts, inspired by the author’s pilgrimage to the Kāmāksha Temple, Gauhati, District Kamrup, Assam, with an appraisal of some of the most mystifying secret doctrines of Indian occultism, the mantra and tantra."  Besides describing his ritual worship, puja, of the Divine Mother at Kāmāksha he recounts other details of his journey, his Kumarī Pūjā, his visit to Bhuvaneswari Temple situated atop Nilācala, and a further visit to the shrine of Umānanda Bhairava on Umānanda Island in the Brahamaputra.

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